🌲 To the Pines! πŸŒ²

When you live in the Arizona desert, you head up North to flee the sweltering heat. When the world is in disarray, you want to get the hell out of the city even more.

Little known fact, Arizona is not all desert. In fact, it’s more forest than people realize. It’s also home to the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the world.

To escape the heat, the pandemic and everything else, we headed up to a quiet place in the cool pines for 3 days with some friends. My kids love camping as you’ll see. They’re at home in the dirt.

Read the captions below πŸ‘‡

We found an awesome spot, but it turns out, we weren’t supposed to camp here.
He bought his own tent on Amazon for $28. I told him it probably wouldn’t last long. It didn’t.
Ryker immediately saw an opportunity to create a bridge.
Euwain got in the bridge building.
Kalli strutted by in her boots…that look too big.
The girls made some kind of dirt soup.
You gotta mix it real good.
The bridge work continued, with a hatchet.
Throwing logs.
After dirt soup, it was time to make a bed for their doll.
Looks comfy.
It’s organic bedding.
The doll finally fell asleep.
Stay hydrated.
It sprinkled on and off all day Friday.
Hammock time.
Matt fixed his pants with red tape. Very subtle.
Matt’s cook top looks to be as old as me.
Molly was in her hammock most of the time.
The bridge/fort building went on…
…and on.
The forest floor was covered in ferns.
The commitment to the bridge/fort was unwavering.
Small dog.
Ryker instructs Aislyn on bridge building…
…then proceeds to jump off of it. I doubt she was impressed.
Dirt face.
Kimberly wondering why I’m pointing a camera at her.
The bridge was garnished with fresh ferns.
Euwain at work with the ferns.
We made them pose for a few photos together.
They hated posing, but were good sports about it.
Brother and sister (same ages as mine).
Not so thrilled about the photo.
But then she got over it.
Cute, dirty kids in the woods.
Goofy face trick.
She seems pretty emo here, but she’s just tired.
Wash your face, kid.
Licking that filthy finger. Makes me twitch a little.
Because of the fire ban, we had to use a propane fire. It worked out really well.
I wonder if the marsh-mellows tasted like propane.
Dig those PJ’s.
He’s very serious about his marsh-mellow.
Finally, he took a break from bridge/fort building.
Most of the forest dirt is on his face.
Screaming at the fire?
Some kind of s’more eating warrior.
Everyone’s roast’n.
They were getting tired…
…you can tell because they’re sitting still for more than a minute.
Trying to blow out the propane fire. Didn’t work.
Creepy hug.
I don’t like the look of that marsh-mellow.
They finally wound down.
This is as far as they got on the bridge/fort.
The Mogollon Rim. It’s awesome.
They heard chatter on the radio.
Talking back to strangers on the radio.
It was cold (57 degrees) and she looks done.

We had a great time with the Sheard family, who are better equipped campers and very generous. Our kids had the time of their lives. I’m glad these kids of ours love camping because it’s cheap and Molly and I love it too.

By donniefitz2

Family guy, software nerd, photographer and a gear-head.

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