I’m Don and this is my personal blog. I’m a family guy, software developer, Calvinist, photographer and I love the outdoors.

What can you expect from this blog? Hmmm. A few things:

  1. Photography. I take thousands of pictures every year. Mostly of my kids but also landscapes and street photography. Fuji is my weapon of choice.
  2. Sometimes I nerd out about cameras.
  3. I like off-roading and that means…
  4. I’m a gear-head. In a former life, I fixed cars professionally so I write about that too.
  5. Outdoor adventures. My family loves the outdoors. You know, camping, hiking, stuff like that.

That’s the sort of thing you’ll find here. Stick around.

Oh, and I do use Amazon affiliate links in some of my posts. That means, if you should click such a link, I get a tiny, micro bit of money if you should happen to buy a product after that click. Like, I could buy a coffee or a sandwich…maybe. Thanks.

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