Gazelle T4 Plus Hub Tent Long-Term Review

Over 2 years ago, I wrote my initial review of the Gazelle T4 Plus Hub Tent. What’s more valuable than a product review from somebody who has actually used the product for a number years? It’s internet gold. My family and I have used this tent extensively since February of 2021 and I’m going to…… Continue reading Gazelle T4 Plus Hub Tent Long-Term Review

What is Overlanding?

It’s a term that’s become ubiquitous among outdoor and off-road enthusiasts. Overland this, overland that, overland everything. What does it really mean? Honestly, I haven’t seen a canonical definition that nails it yet. Some define it as “vehicle dependent travel”. But, wouldn’t that apply to a retired couple in a class A motorhome? Others point…… Continue reading What is Overlanding?