We Bought Land

When I consider things that have physical, objective value, I can’t really come up with much. I mean, people will always maintain that Gold is the standard of objective value, or some precious metal. Look, I’ve read Ayn Rand and she never considered Bitcoin. I don’t know much about precious metals or digital currency. What…… Continue reading We Bought Land

Snow in the Desert

We got snow. This happens occasionally. When it does, it’s really awesome. Over the past few days, we’ve had a lot of (much needed) rain in the desert. The temperature dropped enough to create a tiny bit of snow where I live, which is very unusual. My kids went nuts. I’m currently living in my…… Continue reading Snow in the Desert

Roof Top Tents – Are They Worth It?

I’m writing about this topic at a very particular moment in time. I’m still delirious from lack of sleep, sore from hanging on my truck’s roof rails like a monkey and downright grumpy from a horrible camping experience. But, I wanted to at least start this blog post now, while all of the benefits and…… Continue reading Roof Top Tents – Are They Worth It?

The Story of my Land Rover Discovery 2

I have a penchant for unreliable British automobiles. Not really. I just gravitate to the style of Jaguar and Land Rover, which happen to have a (well-earned) bad reputation. It all started with a screaming deal on a 2004 Jaguar XJR. I drove that super charged luxury land yacht for 4 years. I enjoyed it…… Continue reading The Story of my Land Rover Discovery 2

Rona Exposure

The kids where exposed to the virus at school on Monday. This really sucks because it screwed up a lot of plans. But, what are you going to do? I’ll tell ya what, stay away from them and send them outside, that’s what. They kept busy and nobody is sick so far. Hoping it stays…… Continue reading Rona Exposure

First Photos of 2021

At the beginning of a new year, on that shiny new first day, I make it a point to shoot some meaningful photos. In part because they’ll say 1/1/theyear in the time stamp and that’s fun. Also because my whole photo workflow revolves around being organized in year, month, day folders. The new year marks…… Continue reading First Photos of 2021

A Change

As I predicted in my first blog post, I would loose interest in writing here and would not post often. Yup. I know me pretty well. But, I think I know why I failed to post more often. My interests wain. I have had a consistent interest in photography for the past 10 years. But,…… Continue reading A Change

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A Bucket

Yep. It’s just a bucket. For whatever reason, I really like this photo and I keep looking at it again. I’m not sure what’s appealing about it. I mean, it is bathed in delicious golden hour light. The tones are really nice. But, it’s just a bucket.