Emissions Testing in a School Bus

Getting started with the skoolie. It isn’t all glitz and glamour, like you would expect. You still have to do the boring stuff like transfer the title and get it registered. But, before you can do either of those things, it has to go through emissions testing.

Do I just drive up to the normal emissions testing place like I would with a car?


Of course, there’s always a long line. It was fun sitting in that line among all the tiny cars (way down there) in a big yellow school bus. Once my turn came, I carefully pulled into the bay and I learned that I could stay in the bus during the test. I had to rev the engine 3 times while the exhaust was connected to a large sniffer hose. And that was it. Simple and painless (except for the long wait).

The bus passed the test. On to title transfer and figuring out how to register it as an RV in Arizona.

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By donniefitz2

Family guy, software nerd, photographer and a gear-head.

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  1. Love this adventure.

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