Alpicool Portable 12 volt Refrigerator Review

No doubt you’ve read my blog post about 12 volt refrigerators vs. coolers. Oh, you haven’t? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now that your back, I’ll tell you all about the refrigerator I’ve been using. Since January, I have owned and used this 58 Quart Alpicool CF55-LG Portable Refrigerator. I feel like I have enough experience…… Continue reading Alpicool Portable 12 volt Refrigerator Review

What is Overlanding?

It’s a term that’s become ubiquitous among outdoor and off-road enthusiasts. Overland this, overland that, overland everything. What does it really mean? Honestly, I haven’t seen a canonical definition that nails it yet. Some define it as “vehicle dependent travel”. But, wouldn’t that apply to a retired couple in a class A motorhome? Others point…… Continue reading What is Overlanding?