Memorial Day, Low Turnout

This post was later edited because…tractor parade. See below.

Not all photo outings turn out great, especially during a global pandemic where people are averse to leaving home, or gathering in crowds😷. A family friend has put on a big Memorial Day event for the past 14 years. It’s normally packed with people leading into the National Cemetery. Lot’s of motorcycles, classic cars, honking, waving and honoring our veterans.

The year, I finally decided to wake up early (5am) and take some pictures at the event. The turn out was pretty much nil. I could hear the event organizers grumbling about the low turnout, government lockdowns and how it’s a disgrace to our fallen. I did manage to get a few shots of the massive, crane hoisted flag. That was the highlight.

Check the photos below 👇

Maybe next year will be better, things will be back to normal and the onlookers will be lined up for miles like in years past.

But wait, there’s more.

Later this same day, I was invited to a tractor parade in Cave Creek 🚜

No joke.

The tractor parade did not disappoint, and it kept consistent with the theme of the day: low turn out. I’m pretty sure my kids, my sister and I were the only spectators at the bottom of the hill (no social distancing required).

It was a short parade.

It’s been a strange Memorial Day.

By donniefitz2

Family guy, software nerd, photographer and a gear-head.

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