Note to Self

Well, here it is. First blog post. When’s the last time you read the first post on any blog? Never, probably. And, I know enough about this sort of thing to be at peace with it. I will be the only person to read this post. In fact, it’ll be that way for like, 100 posts or more. Therefore, this is a blog post to me🤓.

I like to think I’ll come back to this post some day and reminisce about my humble beginnings, you know, after this blog becomes wildly successful. Because of this, I think it’s only appropriate to write to my future self.

First things first: I have no intention for this blog to become wildly successful. That’s not why I created it. I simply aim to share my thoughts about photography and hopefully that will be of value to someone else. Photography is a thing I think about a lot. It’s a thing I practice a lot. So, why not write about it too? And, why not share some of my work as well? Sounds like a good idea. It could very well end with this post. Who knows.

But self, there are so many photography blogs already, why start a new one? Funny you should ask. There are many photography blogs in the world, but few unique photography blogs exist. I find that they tend to follow a similar pattern and frankly, that pattern sucks. It goes something like this: gear reviews, more gear reviews, beginner how to’s, buy my e-book, buy my preset pack, attend my workshop, click bate, more click bate, etc.

Wow, self, that’s going to piss people off. You can’t speak in such absolute terms and be so critical. Oh yes I can, this is my blog (and yours…this is getting weird).

Future self, my purpose in creating this blog is to create unique content. Hah, not really. What an empty term. Content💩 . What I really intend to do is share my thoughts about photography, whether anyone cares or not. I’m much more concerned about discussing the why rather than the how. There will be plenty of how writings, but more why is better. Of course, I do hope other people get value from what I write, let’s be honest with ourself.

There will be no outlining the type of stuff I plan to write about. I will not stick to a script. A blog should be a place to do weird shit. Like post a random quote, some image without comment, or a link to something strange yet interesting, like in the wild, fun, early days of the internet. Oh, and forget search engine optimization and keyword friendly titles. Let’s just not do any of that.

These blog posts aren’t going to write themselves. Self, get started⚡️.

By donniefitz2

Family guy, software nerd, photographer and a gear-head.

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